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The Rocky Knoll Health Care Center “tag line” “Innovation with Compassion” signifies our commitment to developing new services, adding state-of-the-art equipment, and enhancing the physical surroundings of our center to assure we remain a leader in short term rehabilitation and long term care. Visit this area of our site to see some the most up to date programs, renovations and additions we have made over the past years. 

Memorial Services

Memorial services are one way we remember how important guests who stayed with us are. All guests, family members, and staff are invited to attend. Services are held annually. Invitations are sent to the primary of each individual being remembered prior to the event.

Spiritual Opportunities

 A Catholic Mass is offered every Sunday along with a rosary service every Thursday morning.  Various community parishes offer services at Rocky Knoll throughout the month.  For residents wishing to receive clergy visits from their personal church, direct contact should be made with their parish office to arrange.

Veteran Wall of Honor

Rocky Knoll has created a tribute to all of our resident veterans. Residents that have served in the military are offered the opportunity to have a commemorative plaque created to recognize their service in the military. Each November during a special Veterans Day Program these Veterans are recognized. Their Plaque is then placed on a wall in the Rocky Knoll entryway.

Veteran's Wall

Salon-Beauty/Barber Shop

The Salon is open every Thursday & Friday where our stylists ensure a time to have a variety of services performed, including haircuts, shampoo/sets, permanents, colors or highlights. Appointments can be made through the receptionist or the life Enrichment Director/Department. The Salon also has its own barber who is available every 6 weeks on Tuesday of that week. The Barber schedule is posted on the monthly Life Enrichment Event Calendar.

 The prices for these services are:

  • Haircut: $12.00
  • Shampoo/Set: $12.00
  • Permanent: $38.00
  • Color: $38.00
  • Highlight: $38.00
  • Shampoo: $3.00

Music & Memory Certified Facility

Vibe Tech One

What is the Vibe Tech One?

The Vibe Tech One is a semi-recumbent Strength Training and Vibration Therapy System created by Jeff Leismer, PHD, of Vibe Tech, Inc. Sheboygan WI. It’s the only comprehensive treatment modality for disuse atrophy and functional decline. The Vibe Tech One is semi-recumbent effort-free and variable-effort exercise chair. The Vibe Tech One activates muscle fibers throughout the lower extremities and lower back through mechanical stimulation that simulates partial weight-bearing physical activity in patients who are too weak or de-conditioned to perform physical activity on their own. The Vibe Tech One produces low intensity vibrations that meet ISO-2631 guidelines for vibration exposure limits. There are no known contraindications for vibrations applied within these limits.

Rocky Knoll staff working with patient on VibeTech equipmentThe benefits when using the Vibe Tech One:

  • Improvement in muscle strength, neuromuscular coordination, range of motion, proprioception, balance, and functional performance.
  • Pain relief in the lower extremities and low back

Key points to remember

  • Safe—Treatment is safe for very low-to-high functioning residents with a wide range of ailments.
  • Effective—This modality uses emerging science in muscle physiology to elicit muscle contractions and enhance resident benefit.

For more information go to: www.vibetechglobal.com

New Wall Art on Every Floor

Beautiful Sun Shelter

Aroma Therapy