Children & Family Resource Unit

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Children & Family Resource Unit


Children's Community Options Program (CCOP):

The Family Support program provides individual services to families with children who are diagnosed with severe disabilities. The Program recognizes that meeting the needs of children who have severe disabilities may place hardships on a family's emotional, physical, and financial resources. An assessment and functional screen is completed by a social worker from the Children and Family Resource Unit to determine eligibility.

Birth to 3:

Children do different things at different ages.  Some babies sit without support at six months old, while others need help until they are nine months old.  Some toddlers start talking when they are a year old. Others might take longer to say    their first words. If you are worried about the way your baby or toddler is developing, don't wait!  The years from birth to age three are so important.  Talk with your child's doctor  about your concerns.  You can also call (920) 459-3030 to arrange an appointment for a developmental  screening for your child.

Children's Long-Term Support Waiver (CLTS):

Wisconsin has approved CLTS Waivers for children with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, severe emotional disturbances, and kids with autism spectrum disorders.  The purpose of the Waivers is to help families support their children with severe disabilities within their own home/community. The CLTS Waivers are funded through Medicaid and local tax dollars and may pay for approved services in the community. An assessment and functional screen is completed by a social worker from the Children and Family Resource Unit to determine eligibility. To apply for the CLTS Waiver please call (920) 459-6400.

Coordinated Services Team (CST):

CST is a process to respond to individuals and families with multiple needs in the least restrictive setting possible.  This team process is based on family and community values, is unconditional in its commitment to creatively address needs, and plan, incorporating the strengths of the child, family, and team members to work toward identified goals.  Parents/caregivers are equal partners and have ultimate ownership of the Plan of Care.  For more information please call, (920) 459-6400.

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) - for Children:

CCS is a community based psychosocial rehabilitation program designed to empower individuals with mental health needs and their families take an active role in the treatment and recovery. An assessment and functional screen is completed by a social worker from the Children and Family Resource Unit to determine eligibility.