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Patrol Division

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Sheboygan County Sheriff squad vehicle

The Patrol Division can be considered the first responder for law enforcement with the Sheriff’s Office. The duties of our Patrol Division include investigations of criminal and civil complaints, enforcement of traffic laws, investigate traffic crashes, crime prevention, and public relations. The Patrol Division is responsible for the safety and security of the counties fifteen townships, eight villages, as well as 1087 miles of roadway.

Providing services to our county twenty four hours a day, the Patrol Division is staffed by 47 officers, to include three Lieutenants and six Sergeants. Our agency employs the use of twenty two patrol cars, each equipped with radio communications, speed tracking radars, laptop computers, and digital video recorders. In addition we equip our patrol cars with first aid equipment, to include automatic cardiac defibrillators, first aid equipment, and AR-15 rifle. The equipment in each car provides safety to both the public and deputies, as well as helps the officer work more efficiently.

In 2012, our department has begun the changeover to new patrol cars. As the Ford Police Interceptor, an icon of law enforcement for many years, ends it production, our department began the task of looking to what new patrol car best fit our department’s needs. With that we began the transition to the new Ford Police Interceptor, in both the sedan and sport utility vehicle platform. With a new patrol car, we felt it time for a new graphic image to compliment the new car design. To find the new look of our patrol cars, we turned to our employees. After several ideas were submitted, the employees of the Sheriff’s Office voted on the design they preferred. With final approval of the Sheriff, the new graphics design was rolled out with the new patrol cars. Though the complete changeover will take several years, many members of the department, and public, have expressed how they like the new patrol car and redesigned graphics.

The patrol division in recent years has taken on new challenges. Under the direction of department administration, deputies began working closely with the townships and villages in Sheboygan County, addressing issues with in an area. The issues may include ongoing nuisance complaints and traffic issues, to the simple request for extra patrols. This program has had successful results, as we build relationships with the town and village representatives, as well as the community members.

In addition to their normal duties, the deputies in the patrol division have taken on other responsibilities. Many deputies are state certified instructors, ensuring the training at the Sheriff’s Office is of the highest standard. Training in firearms, emergency driving, defense tactics, first aid, and legal update are continuous with our officers. Many officers attend training outside our agency on many occasions, looking to integrate those ideas into our department, providing better services to our community.

OWI & Seat-Belt Enforcement Patrols

The patrol division has also developed several specialized groups within the division. These groups include Drug Interdiction Patrols, Concentrated OWI and Seatbelt Patrols, and Liquor License Compliance Program.

With the assistance of state and federal highway safety grants, the Sheriff’s Office is deeply involved in OWI and Seatbelt enforcement patrols. Throughout the year, our agency deploys officers to specific areas, concentrating exclusively on OWI and Seatbelt enforcement. These concentrated enforcement details, which include a majority of the patrol division, operate separately from the officers assigned to a shift and area patrol, as to not affect services we provide our community on a daily basis. Any questions regarding these patrols, you may contact Capt. Chad Broeren.

Liquor License Compliance Program

The Liquor License Compliance Program is a two pronged approach to compliance through education. Developed with in recent years, the first part of this program includes regular visits to businesses in Sheboygan County who sell alcohol. During these visits officers may complete a “walk through,” making contact with customers to ensure anyone consuming intoxicants is of the legal drinking age. Officers also complete regular inspections in these businesses. These inspections help educate the business owner or employee of violations observed and how to remedy them. The second part of this program involves volunteers, under the age of 21, under supervision of our officers, attempt to purchase alcohol in a business. If the volunteer is able to purchase alcohol, officers meet with the business owners, deciding the best course of action, which may involve simple education, or enforcement actions. Any questions regarding this program please contact Lt.. Matthew Spence or Sgt.Jesse Smith.