Mission Statement

Sheboygan County Emergency Management coordinates effective disaster response and recovery efforts in support of local government. Through planning, training and exercising we prepare ourselves, our citizens and response personnel to minimize the loss of lives and property.


The County Emergency Management Director position is categorized in four phases and identified to manage an effective emergency management plan that will be used to (1) mitigate against, (2) plan for, (3) respond to and (4) recover from disaster. To do this, the development and promulgation of emergency management plans consistent with the State plan is necessary. Assistance with local municipalities in the development of municipal emergency management plans is also required to create a complete emergency management cycle within County boundaries. Throughout each of the emergency management phases, it is the responsibility of the Emergency Management Director to build the necessary relationships and to carry out the appropriate communications with local, State and Federal officials and agencies.

Additional responsibilities include management and oversight of:

  • Sheboygan County Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know (EPCRA) program - work with public and private industry on their roles and responsibilities with emergency planning and community right to know.
  • Sheboygan County Hazardous Materials Team - work with and advise the 18 member, professionally trained members from various fire departments in the County who respond to chemical/biological incidents.
  • Sheboygan County Emergency Medical Services program - work with county first responder groups, ambulance services and hospitals to ensure that quality emergency medical care is provided to the residents of our County.