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Gang Enforcement Team

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G.E.T. was formed in April 07. It consists of 10 officers who have specialized training in identifying gang members, interviewing gang members, and investigating gang activity. G.E.T. keeps records of all gang members and suspected gang members that pass through the Sheboygan County Detention Center, Jail, and Juvenile Detention Center. This information is shared with all local law enforcement agencies.

G.E.T. is also available for gang awareness training throughout Sheboygan County. This training is useful for school officials that work with children that may be influenced by gang members or activity. It is also helps parents and community leaders better understand the seriousness of gangs and what to watch for. To schedule training with G.E.T. contact Lt. Reynolds at (920) 459-1369 or email at

The Sheboygan County Sheriffs Office Gang Enforcement Team (G.E.T.) is committed to providing a safe environment for the community by being proactive in identifying, investigating and monitoring gang activity, gang members and other security threat groups and individuals. The Gang Enforcement Team will continuously gather intelligence and update its information in order to provide current and accurate training and vital gang intelligence for members of the Sheriff’s Office. The team will also act as a liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and other institutions, departments and outside agencies

Information Every Parent should know about gangs.

Why do young people join gangs? The myths and the facts.
Myth Facts
Respect Most often young people mistake intimidation and fear for respect.
Excitement This often refers to risky behavior, illegal activity and upending the societal norms that define appropriate and inappropriate behavior.
Protection Despite myths to the contrary, gangs do not protect their members. They are more likely to become victims of violence because of the lifestyle that they embrace.
Money Although some gangs make large sums of money through various criminal enterprise's, most gangs lack the organizational sophistication to carry out these operations. And for those that do, the money funnels straight to the top.
Access to Drugs The use of illegal drugs in the gang setting often leads to more criminal behavior.

Behaviors Associated With Joining A Gang

  • Unusual interest in one or two particular colors of clothing or a particular logo.
  • Interest in gang-influenced music, videos, and movies.
  • Use and practice of hand signals to communicate with friends.
  • Peculiar drawings or gang symbols on schoolbooks, clothing, notebooks, or even walls.
  • Negative changes in behavior, such as:
    • Withdrawing from family
    • Declining school attendance, performance or behavior
    • Staying out late without reason
    • Unusual desire for secrecy
    • Confrontational behavior, such as talking back, verbal abuse, name calling and disrespect for parental authority
    • Sudden negative opinions about law enforcement or adults in positions of authority (school officials or teachers)
    • Change in attitude about school, church or other normal activities or change in behavior at these activities
    • Drastic changes in hair or dress style and/or having a group of friends who have the same hair or dress style
    • Withdrawal from longtime friends and forming bonds with an entirely new group of friends
    • Suspected drug use, such as alcohol, inhalants and narcotics
    • The presence of firearms, ammunition or other weapons
    • Non-accidental physical injuries, such as being beaten or injuries to hands and knuckles from fighting
    • Unexplained cash or goods, such as clothing or jewelry

Common Gang Identifiers

  • Gang-style clothing and dress. This may include:
    • Clothing or bandanas worn only in certain colors
    • Two or three–toned bead necklaces
    • Specific sport team clothing
    • Pants worn well below the waist (sagging)
    • gang themed t–shirts with pictures of gang members
  • Colors:
    • Gangs use one or more colors as a symbol to represent their gang.
    • These colors may be worn on clothing, jewelry, shoelaces, and other items.
  • Symbols and numbers:
    • A few of the common symbols from some of the large gangs in the United States are: stars (five- and six–pointed), crowns, pitchforks (pointing up or down), three dots in a triangle, and numbers.
    • Contact G.E.T. for specific meaning of unidentifiable symbols or numbers that you may see in graffiti or clothing.
    • Make sure to report all graffiti to the Sheboygan County Sheriffs Department or your local law enforcement agency.
  • Sports items:
    • Letters, colors, or symbols may have specific gang meaning in local street-gang culture.
    • Sports items may also be purchased in nontraditional colors to correspond with the gang’s colors or may be altered with graffiti or extra symbols or writing.
  • Graffiti:
    • Gangs use graffiti to mark their territory, brag about their reputation, mourn fallen members, and threaten or challenge rival gangs.
    • For this reason graffiti can be very dangerous and should be removed as soon as possible.
    • Latin King Graffiti MS 13 Graffiti Salvador Gang Graffiti Latin Kings Grafitti MS 13 Grafitti
  • Tattoos:
    • Tattoos are used to show an individual’s loyalty to his/her gang.
    • These tattoos often include the name, initials, or symbols of the specific gang and may be found on the hands, neck, face, chest, or arms.
  • Hand Signs:
    • Some gangs use specific hand gestures to communicate their affiliation with the gang and issue threats or challenges to rival gangs.
  • Gang–influenced music and movies:
    • Gangsta/Gangster rap is a style of rap music characterized by violent, tough-talking lyrics that glorify street-gang culture.
    • Many popular movies also focus on street gangs and their activities.
    • Youths may show their interest in gangs through fascination with music with music and movies that portray street-gang culture.

Prevention Measures

Community Involvement: Get to know your neighbors. Start a neighborhood watch.

Spend time with your children: Educate them on the dangers of gang activity.

Provide attractive alternatives to gangs: Provide healthy and accessible venues for fun excitement and social interaction.

Look for signs of gang activity in your neighborhood: Graffiti / suspicious activity.

Report gang activity to the Police: Call the Sheboygan PD non-emergency number (920)459-3333 or call the Sheboygan Sheriff’s Office Gang Enforcement Team (920)459-1369.

Set clear expectations for your child’s behavior and hold them accountable.

Tell your children not to:

  • Associate with any gang members
  • Hang out where gangs congregate.
  • Attend any party or social event sponsored by gangs.
  • Use any kind of hand or finger signs that may be meaningful to gangs.
  • Wear Clothing that may have meaning to gangs in your area.

Explain to your children that these clothing items can put them in danger and that you will not purchase them or allow them to be worn. If you are not familiar with these items, contact G.E.T. or your local law enforcement agency for more specific information about gangs in the area.

Gang Prevention Starts at Home.

Get Involved

Contact Information:

Team Commander: Lieutenant Barry Reynolds
Phone: (920) 459-1369
Fax: (920) 459-1307

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