Current Projects

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Nature Trail and Path

To encourage residents and visitors to enjoy the beauty of Rocky Knoll’s property, the Foundation is supporting the expansion of the existing walking path.  In the summer of 2019 the path will be reconstructed to better accommodate residents, visitors, and staff members using wheelchairs and walkers, or strolling on their own.  Safety is always a prime concern, and the new path will make outdoor excursions safer and more enjoyable.

Currently we are looking into the possibility of purchasing a motorized vehicle (such as a golf cart) that can be used to take residents "for a spin" and let them experience the freedom of the wind in their hair, rosy cheeks, and the opportunity to experience the joys of nature.

Trained volunteers and staff members will be able to take residents for a ride on a paved path around the facility.  Residents will be able to enjoy Rocky Knoll’s beautiful scenic views of the surrounding Kettle Moraine. 

If you would like to volunteer to give rides to our residents, please call Rocky Knoll at: 920-893-6441 and ask to be connected to the Life Enrichment department.

Continuing Education Program

The Rocky Knoll Foundation is committed to assisting employees of the Health Care Center to pursue education that results in certification, recertification, licensure, or a degree that is directly related to Nursing home operations.  The Foundation recognizes that on-going education is mutually beneficial to the employee, Rocky Knoll Health Care Center, and the residents we serve.

Awards range from $250 - $1000.  They can be applied for by existing employees, students interested in pursuing a training program in the nursing field, or adults interested in returning to school for Nursing home operations training.