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Rocky Knoll Foundation Projects

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Veterans Day EventRocky Knoll Foundation’s funding of projects ranges from those on an individual, more personal level to larger scale endeavors that impact residents, their families, and all visitors to Rocky Knoll Health Care Center. We maintain strict criteria for each project to assure it touches lives and makes a lasting impression of life-affirming care.

Rocky Knoll has a long-standing tradition of providing the highest quality of care and the efforts of the Foundation assure that is supported by qualify of life. Whether it’s through physical surroundings or increased programing, everything we do spreads joy and lifts spirits.

Resident remote controlImagine Eunice who came to Rocky Knoll for short term rehabilitation after a hip replacement. Thanks to donations to the Foundation, we provide complimentary in-room satellite TV service. Eunice was very active and watched little TV at home, so she was thrilled to see the variety of shows and enjoyed watching them during her recovery. While this type of enhancement costs relativity little, we know that it has a great impact every day on residents like Eunice. And her family reinforced that her experience at Rocky Knoll made the challenging time of rehabilitation so much better and helped put their minds at ease.


Restaurant signOr, consider what a significant impact just one hour each week can have. Mike had worked hard his entire life and really enjoyed coming home at the end of a long day and relaxing with an ice cold beer. At Rocky Knoll he can continue that tradition in the On the Rocks Lounge. And, when family or friends are visiting, he can invite them along to enjoy snacks and cocktails. Mike’s even been known to challenge other guests to a game of checkers. When they get real competitive, you’ll see how they can attract a group.

We can share countless stories that demonstrate what an incredible impact your support of the Foundation can have.