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Waste Pharmaceutical Disposal Program

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Wondering what to do with leftover or expired medications? Do not flush them down the toilet or pour them down the drain! Instead, use the drop boxes currently located at theSheboygan, Plymouth, Kohler, Elkhart Lake, and Sheboygan Falls’ Police Departments.


Why go to the trouble? The proper disposal of unwanted medications is important so we do not pollute our environment or affect our health. Water quality is negatively impacted when leftover medications are flushed or poured down the drain. Wastewater treatment plants and septic systems do not process the drugs. In fact, research has shown some aquatic organisms living downstream of treatment plants are showing signs of developmental and reproductive issues.

Public safety is another good reason unwanted pharmaceuticals should be properly disposed. If unintentionally swallowed by a child, pet, or guest the potential consequences are dire. Furthermore, prescription medications include a host of personal information, including a person’s name, address and phone number. Improper disposal could lead to that information falling into the undesirable hands of a criminal and result in identity theft.

Rather than holding sporadic collection events as in year’s past, the drop boxes at the police stations allow for greater convenience and are available whenever the doors to the building are open. All deposits are anonymous.

Since 2007, the program has disposed of over 8,500 pounds of waste pharmaceuticals.

For additional information see Waste Medication Collection in Sheboygan County contact your local law enforcement office, the Sheboygan County Planning & Conservation Department, or the Family Resource Center.