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Fees for NIVD (Private) Cases

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Child Support Processing Fees

The Child Support Enforcement Program is authorized by Title IV, Part D of the Social Security Act and cases that are handled by the Child Support Agency are referred to as IV-D cases.

Those cases that are not covered by Title IV, Part D of the Social Security Act are referred to as NIVD cases or Private Cases. Private cases include spousal only cases and cases involving child support in which the parties have not completed an application for services or are not on State assistance.

In the past, the Child Support Agency has performed several administrative tasks in all child support or maintenance cases free of charge, regardless of whether or not a person has applied for, and has been found eligible to receive, Child Support Agency case management services.

As a result of various federal, state, and county changes, the Child Support Agency is now going to be charging persons for these services if they do not have a formal case management services file with the Child Support Agency or if they have a spousal only case. Sheboygan County has established a fee schedule for these tasks premised on the actual cost of performing these tasks as follows:To process a new income withholding order, you may be charged $35.

  1. To process a revision to an income withholding order, you may be charged $35.
  2. To undertake an account reconciliation (audit) at your request, you may be charged $35.
  3. To undertake the reconciliation of a percentage expressed obligation, you may be charged $35 per year.
  4. To adjust and credit a payment listing to reflect direct payments, you may be charged $35 per request.
  5. To provide a payment history printout, you may be charged 25¢ per page up to $35.

If you are only seeking payment history information, some of that information may be available free of charge. Please consider:

  1. Accessing your case information on-line at:
  2. Contacting the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund at (800) 991-5530
  3. Contacting EPPIC Debit MasterCard at (877) 253-3686.

If you are unable to receive assistance through one of those resources, we will process the request that you have made for services, and you will be receiving a statement upon the completion of the task.

If you believe it is inappropriate for you to be charged these fees, or if you wish to apply for and receive case management services through the Child Support Agency and, therefore, avoid the fees, you should feel free to contact our office. Please note that being a recipient of case management services through the Child Support Agency may have significant consequences for the future handling of your child support account, and you should consult with counsel before making this decision.

An invoice will be sent to the party for payment of these fees. Payment can be made online or a money order, certified check or cash can be brought to the Sheboygan County Child Support Agency. Be sure to bring the invoice with you if you are paying at the Agency office. No personal checks will be accepted.