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Juvenile Court - Intake

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Unit Goals

The unit provides a variety of specialized services to youth and their families, primarily in the area of juvenile justice. The unit utilizes a balanced approach to juvenile justice, taking into equal consideration accountability of the juvenile, community protection and competency development needs of the juvenile. At the same time, the unit maintains and/or strengthens family functioning, maintains or reunites the family unit whenever possible, and maximizes the utilization of local service and placement resources as appropriate for the individual case plans.

Unit Services

Tower Academy (formerly STRIVE)

This unit is responsible for social workers assigned to this inter-agency program of the Sheboygan Area School District. This program serves middle school and high school age youth who qualify for emotional and behavioral disability special education programming and are also adjudicated delinquent. On site counseling of youth, family counseling, teamwork with educational staff, coordination of programming within the community, juvenile court intake and supervision, parent groups and case management are provided.

Juvenile Court Intake

This unit serves as the entry point for juveniles referred to this agency for delinquent and status offenses, most often by law enforcement and schools, and occasionally parents. Intake workers screen cases for jurisdiction, complete assessments, make recommendations to the court and monitor Deferred Prosecution Agreements. They also do daytime custody and walk-in intakes.

Sheboygan County Shelter Care

This unit monitors the daily population in and out of the county's non-secure Shelter Care facility for juveniles who are delinquent and juveniles in need of protection or services. The supervisor acts as agency liaison to this contracted service.

Sheboygan County Intensive Supervision Program

The supervisor of this unit provides oversight of this contracted service, which utilizes electronic monitoring of and/or daily contact with serious juvenile offenders in the community as an alternative to incarceration or residential treatment.

Eligibility Requirements

Tower Academy students must be eligible for Youth Aids funding. Youth must fall under the statutes applying to non-secure custody for placement in Shelter Care by an intake worker. Only youth eligible for a high level of need for service/placement qualify for the Intensive Supervision Program, which must be ordered by the court after approval of a panel of supervisors.


Services provided by this section for which fees may be charged include placement in Shelter Care, case management services and the Intensive Supervision Program. Fees are determined by an evaluator using the state fee-charging system.


Services provided by the workers within the Juvenile Court Intake Unit are primarily governed by the Juvenile Code (Chapter 938), the Children's Code (Chapter 48), and state and county mandates/policies.