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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I get a say in which child I accept placement of?

Yes.  You can be very specific about the type of foster care you provide and the age, gender and needs of children you will accept.  You always have a right to refuse a placement.


How long will a foster child stay in my home?

There is no set time limit for any given child as each child's situation is different and can change at any time. It is the goal of the agency to reunify the child with their biological family as soon as possible.

Is it a lot of work to become a licensed foster parent?

Foster children are vulnerable and need special care, so a thorough process is followed while licensing a foster parent. The length of the licensing process is dependent on each family situation.

Am I allowed to take foster children in my care on vacation?

With prior approval, children in foster care can accompany their foster families on vacation. When a foster child cannot accompany you, we will work with you to find respite care during vacation or in times of need. Travel out-of-state will require the agency's permission.

How do I pay expenses such as clothing, food and shelter for foster children?

Each foster family receives a monthly stipend determined by the age and special needs of children placed with that family. Exceptional payments are sometimes warranted for things such as transporting children to their home school, maintaining sibling relationships, medical appointments, etc.

Do foster parents have to be married?

No, single adults, married couples and partners living together can all be licensed as foster parents.

Are children in foster care waiting to be adopted?

Almost all children placed in foster care need temporary placements. There is no expectation that the foster parents will adopt children placed with them, though some children are eventually adopted by their foster parents.