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Intoxicated Driver Program (OWI)

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Operating While Intoxicated

(Sheboygan County residents only)

Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Code (HFS 62) require all individuals who are charged with Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated to have an assessment. Failure to schedule or complete the assessment will result in a recommendation of noncompliance being reported to the Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT will then take further licensing action against the individual. For more information on the scheduling process, please call (920) 459-4344.

The cost of an assessment in Sheboygan County is $250.00 and by law, this fee cannot be waived or reduced. This fee must be paid in person prior to the assessment; no appointment will be given until the fee is paid in full. Payment can be made in the form of cash, Money Order, or personal check. Insurance plans vary toward payment of the assessment.

If an individual fails to show up for a scheduled assessment, the person must reschedule. To reschedule another time, an additional $250.00 will be charged to that individual. Therefore, it is very important that the individual schedule the appointment for a time that he/she will be able to keep. If necessary, an appointment time can be rescheduled without an additional cost if 8 hours advance notice is given.

The assessment facility is located in the Health and Human Services Building, 1011 North 8th Street, Sheboygan, WI 53081. Payment can be made at this facility during the business hours of 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. Monday - Friday. You must allow 20-30 minutes to pay the assessment fee and complete the required paperwork. Assessment fees will not be accepted unless individuals have enough time to complete the entire process. Once the fee has been paid, it will be necessary for the individual to complete a brief questionnaire and identify two (2) individual’s names and addresses who will be able to complete a collateral form and return it within 5 days. If the collateral contacts do not return their forms within the allotted time, the assessment appointment will be canceled. For further information, call (920) 459-4344.

What is an Assessment and a Driver Safety Plan?

1. An assessment is conducted by a trained clinical staff member to identify how alcohol and/or other drugs have impacted the individual’s life.
2. The assessment and Driver Safety Plan ordinarily takes approximately one hour, although in some cases the time may vary. The clinical staff member will make a determination/finding at the end of the assessment and recommend various Driver Safety Plan options.
3. A Driver Safety Plan is developed to assist individuals in avoiding any further intoxicated driving arrests and also to comply with Wisconsin Statutes (Laws.)
4. All information is kept strictly confidential in keeping with Federal Regulation (42 CFR Part II).
5. If an individual is to be incarcerated after being convicted, it will be necessary to complete an assessment prior to receiving work release (Huber privileges) from the correctional facility.
6. The costs associated with a Driver Safety Plan vary from agency to agency; this will be discussed with the individual at the assessment. Each individual will be responsible for payment to the specific facility to fulfill the requirements of the Driver Safety Plan. While insurance may not cover the cost of the assessment, it may cover certain types of programs outlined in the Driver Safety Plan.