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Adult Protective Services

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Adult Protective Services (APS) is responsible for looking after the safety and well-being of the most vulnerable of Sheboygan County residents, people with disabilities and the elderly. Please contact the ADRC if you need information, assistance, or have questions about:

  • Power-of-Attorney-Health Care
  • Guardianship
  • Protective Placement

In addition, APS does investigations regarding abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults and the elderly. The categories of abuse are:


  • Experiencing a lack of adequate food, appropriate clothing or has unmet personal hygiene needs?
  • Deprived of glasses, walker, hearing aids, other medical devices or medication prescribed by a doctor?
  • A person that is in need of supervision but is left alone?
  • Living in a home that has fire and safety hazards?

Financial Abuse/Exploitation

  • A person being forced into signing over a check or other property to someone else?
  • Having someone else use credit/debit card or checking account without permission?
  • Being forced to pay someone else’s bills?

Psychological/Emotional Abuse

  • Being prevented from doing things in the community or from leaving home?
  • Repeatedly being told they are worthless, stupid, wrong or being yelled at and threatened?

Physical/Sexual Abuse

  • Being hurt or treated roughly?
  • Being touched sexually in a way that is uncomfortable or without permission?

If you suspect someone is being abused, please call the ADRC at 920-467-4100 and let someone know. If it is an emergency, and needs immediate attention, contact 911 and ask for assistance.

Other Resources:

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Contact Us

Phone: (920) 467-4100
Toll free : (800) 596-1919
TTY: (920) 467-4195