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2018 Drawdown Information

Post Date:04/02/2018

Sheboygan County planned a draw down of the Sheboygan Marsh in 2017.  2017 proved too wet of a year to allow for a drawdown.  As such, the County planned a drawdown for 2018.

Unfortunately, the Sheboygan Marsh Dam bypass gate failed and has been stuck in the down position since mid-May. The week of July 1, after a number of different tries, County crews were finally able to get the chamber pumped out so the damage could be assessed.  It appeared the gate fell off its track and was bound tight against other steel members.  It was beyond repair and at 50 years old, it was probably time regardless. 

The gate and the frame structure were removed on July 10, 2018.  That means, the Marsh is now drawing down by default.  Also, to speed the process up, WDNR is going to attempt to add siphon tubes once the water is lower than the dam level.  This method has worked on other dams in the State with success. 
Without heavy rainfall, it usually takes about a month to get to full drawdown.
An RFP for the engineering work for a new gate was released earlier in the month.

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